There’s a Ferris Wheel in My Home

While exploring Virtual Reality games I stumbled upon a game called Fun House. Naturally attracted by the name I enter the Fun House. As I enter the Fun House I am greeted by directions and a classic carnival game. Fun House is a Virtual Reality game that takes a bunch of classic carnival games and bring them into your home, or wherever you play Virtual Reality. This is so fascinating because of the rarity of carnivals in today’s time. In my home town, we had a small carnival come through once a year. The carnival usually came through during football season and I was too busy, tired, or traveling to attend. I’ve been before but my parents were not big fans of letting me visit the carnival with my friends and freely roam to play the games. With Fun House, it seems that the carnival experience is right at my fingertips, well without the sound of unstable roller coasters, screaming children, and frying foods. Fun House had over seven easily accessible carnival games. You could save your high score, skip, and repeat games. This allowed these classical carnival games to become timeless. Through Fun House the player is allowed to do some games that have the carnival feeling but would have been very dangerous for the actual carnival. For example, in one game the player’s hands are swords and the objective is to slice through as many balloons as possible in sixty seconds. I am almost positive that most parents would not allow children to use three-foot steel covered blades to pop balloons. I also think that would not go well for the companies’ insurance. This experience is incomparable to using buttons or a joy stick to complete actions because you are completely emerged into the experience. Also Fun House has just the perfect color schemes, amount of sand, and other settings that make you feel like you are at a carnival.

Here are the Stainless Steel Swords viciously attaching the balloons.

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